What’s Really at Stake When You Gamble

When people gamble, they think that the only they are at risk of losing is their money. No one walks into a casino and think that they are determined to walk out of it without their dignities intact, sense of self, sense of family, and basically the will to live.

What many people don’t realize is that gambling could just be a form of entertainment but it is nonetheless something that could lead into bigger problems later on if your gambling remains unchecked.

If and when you do gamble, do you honestly think about why you do it and what can come out of your playing casino games? There are many reasons why people turn to gambling but these reasons are always personal; hence, what’s your personal excuse for gambling?

It is true that the money you lost when you gamble online or otherwise could have been used for something more important like paying for your utility bills or saving up for college money or wherever else you may have used the money for.

But, the money you lost; you could earn back at work. The more important things that are at stake when you gamble are your family, friends, career, personal growth, self-worth and genuine love for life.

These things you could lose when you start to develop an uncontrollable gambling habit and these are more precious than any money that you could lose in your gambling games.

Remember that it is easier to sink deeper into your depression which in turn compels you to seek the kind of rush you get from online gambling; than to will yourself to get out of it.

Giving in to anything negative sometimes feels so much better in the beginning that fighting it off from the very start. This is extremely true with gambling because when you first try out gambling, all you will think about is how much fun you’re having.

Then you will think about winning back your losses. After which the frustration of continuous losses compels you to gamble even more because you can’t let it go. This sort of chain reaction is the exact kind of behavior that will render you a gambling addict before you know it.

So the next time you ever consider gambling online, or an innocent round of poker with your friends on a Friday night; consider what’s really at stake when you play.

When you’ve considered everything, do you really want to gamble?


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