Has USD 25 million being scored by a poker professional in an Asian game

The rumor is unconfirmed by the blogs and message boards are buzzing

The high profile young live and online poker professional Tom “durrrr” Dwan has allegedly won the amount of USD 25 million in a four-handed private game in Macau playing against two professionals from Asia and a local billionaire.

However, we are issuing a warning that at this point the report remains unconfirmed and originates from an article translated from Spanish, which was published in the CardPlayer Latin America publication.

The report of CardPlayer Latin America pinpoints the interesting game at the Macau?s StarWorld Casino, and brings our attention to the fact that Dwan was competing in a rematch after having lost USD 7 million the first time he played, and that the stakes were increased during the game at USD 15,000/USD 30,000.

If the report can be trusted, Dwan could break the record, and overtake what considered to be the biggest win in poker yet, secured by Antonio Esfandiari at the 2012 World Series of Poker, where he played in the Big One for One Drop event with one million dollar buy-in, and was successful in taking home more than USD 18 million after besting Sam Trickett from England in the heads up.

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