UK regulator says, We are secure and safe

Operators are being reassured by the UK Gambling Commission on the online submission of returns? safety

The UK Gambling Commission has consulted with operators over the confidential business information submission in the online returns reportage form and has hurried to reassure licensees that it is a completely secure and safe system that is capable of protecting the data needed to be submit.

?Previously there have been concerns raised over how secure is the electronically submitted data,? noted the regulator, and added that there are already procedures in place to make certain that the storage of data is done securely and that there are controls to prevent unauthorized access.

?The online system we use is encrypted and it requires from licensees to uniquely authenticate themselves prior to submitting and accessing their own data,? says the regulator.

?Since 2010 we have received the ISO 27001 standard. This standard is internationally recognized and evaluated how secure an organization stores and manages the information it receives.

?The Commission, in its role as a public authority, also strictly adheres to the Security Policy Framework and the supporting guidance the Cabinet Office issued to ensure that all the information processed by us is handled and stored in a manner which is secure and in line with the HMG requirements and the best practices.

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