Revenues from land gambling in Nevada are going down

A 4.8 per cent decline is shown by a year-on-year comparison

The latest Nevada Gaming Control Board numbers, those from June of 2013, were released on Friday. They showed a decline of 4.8 per cent in revenues when a comparison was drawn with the corresponding period of last year.

Land casinos in Nevada won $792.5 million during June. The figure is down from the $833 million in June of 2012.

The winnings of Las Vegas Strip of $435 million went down by more than ten per cent year-on-year. However, Downtown Las Vegas? winnings encouragingly went up by 9 per cent reaching $37 million.

The revenue of Reno casino reached $49 million in June, which is down by nearly 3 per cent, while the winnings of South Lake Tahoe stood at $13 million, marking an alarming 24 per cent drop.

$43 million was collected by the state in taxes based on the winnings from June, an increase of 13 per cent from the previous year.

The 2013 fiscal year also came to a close in June, and the Board reported that gaming revenues throughout the state increased by 1.8 per cent, reaching $10.9 billion. The Las Vegas Strip Contributed $6.3 billion ? an increase of nearly 4 per cent.

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