The latest gambling participation numbers in the UK are released

The regular study of ICM Research on the gambling habits in the UK is covered

The results of the latest routine survey on the UK gabling participation has been published by the UK Gambling Commission. Once more it was conducted by ICM Research and covers the quarter ending September of 2013.

– An average 55 per cent of respondents took part in not less than one gambling form during the previous four weeks, which is a two percent decrease from the corresponding period of 2012.
– In gambling activities during the previous four weeks had taken part more male than female respondents ? 60 per cent were males while only 50 were females

– During the previous four weeks in at least one online gambling form had taken part an average of 15 respondents, which is an increase of 1 per cent on the corresponding period of last year
– Male respondents who took part in online gambling during the previous four weeks were more than the female respondents ? 18 per cent were male while only 11 per cent ware females

– If we exclude those respondents who play online at the National Lottery, the proportion of respondents who had taken part in online gambling fell to only 8 per cent, making no difference from last year.
– The National Lottery tickets were the most popular gambling activity with 44 per cent of respondents. Other types of lotteries followed with 12 per cent and scratchcards with 9 per cent. No more than 4 per cent of respondents took part in any other individual activity.

– All in all, 73 per cent of gamblers during the past two weeks had gambled only in person. 15 per cent more had done so in person and online, while 12 per cent had gambled only online.
– Most often respondents indicated that they have gambled online only rather than reporting that they have indulged in gambling activities both in person and online, with the only exception made by horse and virtual dog races.

– The most popular gambling method for spread betting and sports betting was online only participation.
– Among the bettors of the past four weeks, the most common option for all types of betting activity at bookmakers was betting in person.
– The most common participation frequency for gamblers during the past four weeks was ?once a month, less than once a week?, and this was the most common frequency for all ten activities, although for a lot of activities the respondents stated that they took part once a week.

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