International player liquidity will soon become a reality

Possibilities are under discussions by regulators

The ring-fenced national online gambling markets? one of the greatest problems is the lack of enough liquidity. Once again it was the focus of a conference discussion between regulators held this week in Lisbon.

Regulatory regimes representatives from France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal attended the conference and issued a joint statement in which they noted the following:

?The international liquidity issue was thoroughly considered by the regulators, as they aimed to point out to and prepare steps which to be taken in order for the process of liquidity sharing to be advanced at a future date. During the next meeting of the regulators the issue will be further considered.?

Later this year in Rome is scheduled to take place the next meeting.

The pinch of constrained player action has particularly being felt by national operators in Europe who have dedicated networks for online poker. Problems in the industry have become worse and it is expected that there will be further substantial efforts to deal with the obstacles in relation to a more appropriate and international approach to poker which will be based on the more modern online and mobile capabilities for cross-border communications.

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