The government of Singapore opens remote gambling consultation

On the best framework to stop online gambling is invited public participation

The Singapore deputy minister assurance on Thursday that the government desires to act against online gambling by enforcing financial, advertising and ISP restrictions on operators has been followed by a public consultation launch that invited suggestions on how punters from Singapore should be best shielded against online gambling.

A an official from the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs revealed on Friday that the Ministry of Social and Family Development together with his ministry and other agencies of the government have been studying the remote gambling issue in an enquiry that has included general examination of the remote gambling landscape and approaches by regulatory bodies taken by other jurisdictions.

?There are strict gambling laws in Singapore for maintaining law and order and minimizing the potential harm, especially to those more vulnerable and the young,? the spokesman said. ?Our intention is to extend this approach to remote gambling and make it illegal unless exemptions are introduced.?

According to the spokesman, the government has plans to restrict remote gambling and introduce laws against intermediaries, providers and facilitators of remote gambling services.

?We will create measures for blocking access to websites for gambling, block remote gambling operators? payments and banning advertisements that promote remote gambling,? he added.

?We will also strengthen the education of the public in respect to gambling simulation games and remote gambling. Such measures are meant to establish our regulatory stance and send a clear signal.

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